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About Us

Citizens for Maryland Libraries (CML), founded in 1982 and incorporated in 1984, was established as a result of recommendations from the Maryland Governor’s Conference (1978) and the White House Conference (1979) on Library and Information Services. It is made up of interested citizens and non-profit organizations, libraries, library trustees and professionals from throughout the state.

CML is lead by a Board that meets quarterly. The Board is guided by an agreed upon set of Bylaws and a Strategic Plan. The current and prior year's approved minutes are available below.

December 2018 Minutes

June 2018 Minutes

April 2018 Minutes

February 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Minutes

Annual Meeting - October 2017 Minutes

Citizens for Maryland Libraries was formed for these purposes:

  1. Create greater public awareness of the need for and services of libraries of all kinds.
  2. Promote laws to provide improved support to libraries.
  3. Foster, promote, and help local library friends and support groups.
  4. Prepare Fact sheets on library support issues and friends, letting citizens know what they can do to help.
  5. Serve as a sounding board for citizens of Maryland on library issues.
  6. Seek private funds to supplement libraries.
  7. Cooperate with Maryland Library AssociationExternal web site - The State's professional group.
  8. Produce a Newsletter on library activities around the State.
  9. Promote recognition of volunteer library leadership through its awards.
  10. Testify, as needed, in support of libraries and library users.

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